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Budget 2017 - Housing

Nov 22, 2017

  Given this Governments’ track record in Stamp Duty increases, there is always a moment of nervous trepidation when the Chancellor stands to deliver his Budget Speech.  ... read more

Pre-Budget Thoughts: Housing in the UK

Nov 20, 2017

  We need to build more homes. The original target, set in 2015, was to build 1,000,000 by the end of this parliament. This has now been replaced with a commitment to deliver 1,500,000 new... read more

October 2017 Month End Commentary

Nov 7, 2017

  “We’ve Never Seen a Rate Rise!” – First Time buyer quoted by the Daily Mail ... .  Well, At 25 basis points, I think we... read more

Maskells Research

Prime Movers: London’s top 50 boutique estate agencies

Feb 3, 2017 0

Maskells Estate Agents is delighted to have been included in Prime Resi's poll of London's Top 50 Boutique Estate Agents. We were even more delighted to have placed 6th. Read what they said... read more

Maskells November Month End

Dec 7, 2016 1

Welcome to the Maskells November Month End Commentary. Whilst larger agents are in the sad and unenviable process of making staff redundant, Maskells continues to buck the trend - We have... read more

Advice for Asian property buyers in Prime Central London residential market

Oct 26, 2016 2

The London property market remains very much two tiered. Firstly the traditional London houses and flats homes for domestic and European buyers, and secondly the new build modern flats being... read more

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